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I know I disappeared on you all, I think I’m ending the 30 day challenge at day 20. I might come back to it, might not. If you want to know what I would of done for the other days feel free to message me.

I should be back later this week, I have a lot on my plate right now though, and honestly I don’t have the mental energy left to do anything right now. Thank you to the lovlies who messaged me worried about me. I love you guys and I’m not gone for good, just until maybe the end of the week <3 

Where you got your theme from, how do you paste the codes from those themes for them to work properly? It just all comes out in a mess when I try :s

just paste it into the html edit location, make sure you erase everything that was in there first, and then you have to save everything, it will look messed up, then come back to it once you’ve exited and it will have reloaded all right =]

Day 20 - Favorite Sequel - Toy Story 3

Like a lot of kids my age, we grew up with toy story, and this movie came out the summer I was going to college. This movie makes me cry so hard, but it has a special place in my heart, which is hard to say about a lot of sequels. This scene especially should go down as one of the most heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes in the history of film.

Day 19 - Least Favorite Pixar Film - Cars

I don’t dislike Cars, I actually enjoy watching it, I just don’t think it upholds the same quality as other Pixar films, I like it. Just not as much as others. I never saw Cars 2 so I can’t pass judgement on the quality of the movie.

Hey, I know I’ve been super sporadic with my posts lately. I’m going through a lot in the real world, and even though I love you guys, I’m often too sad/stressed to make a post. I’m going to try to catch up today though. Sorry for the delays.

Day 18 - Favorite Pixar Film - Monsters Inc.

I love Monsters Inc. Mostly though, I love the relationship between Boo and Sully, there is pretty much no other relationship in any other movie as precious as the one between Boo and Sully. And I love Boo. If my children are half as cute as she is I’ll feel like a success. Also I will be knocking down the preschoolers to see Monsters Inc. 2 this summer. (YAY it finally uploaded)

yeh so turns out the error message comes from a specific .gif in the photoset. It’s within standard dimensions (500px by 225 px), under the data limit (depending on how I’ve edited it’s length it’s been everything from 175kb to 455kb) and it’s not just not working in the photoset, it won’t upload on it’s own either. I thought maybe there was a problem with 500px .gifs, took a bigger data 500px gif from a previous set, uploaded just fine. I’ve tried different computers, changing the file name, decreasing the frame number to <20 frames, it was originally 500x250px, so it’s not the dimensions that I can think of. I am just plain frustrated, and the photoset doesn’t look 1/2 as good without it. If anyone has any troubleshooting suggestions let me know. I’m going to remake the gif from scratch when I get back from class and see if that helps. So I’ve been ready with the next day in the 30 day challenge for awhile now, but I’m stubborn and making this one work if it kills me. It’s coming people. Sorry xD I’ve already spent about 3 hours just trying to upload it.